The Great Chili Cook-Off of 2018

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Thrift Shop Luncheon

Once again our luncheon for the Thrift Shop volunteers & church staff was a real success.  We are so thankful for all that the volunteers do & for our church staff.  We only wish that we could find the perfect date so that all could attend.  However we did have a few more this year than last year & hope we can continue this trend.

Many thanks to all church members who made side dishes, salads, & cakes for us to serve with the chicken we purchased.  The dishes were delicious & I had many favorable comments.  Those that sent these in your own serving pieces, please remember to go to the kitchen to retrieve your bowl or serving piece.  They are lined up on the counter there.

And  now, many thanks to Eric Steward for doing the invitations again this year, to Jim Scott for helping with the setup, to Becky Skinner for taking the reservations & helping with the set up, & to David  Cherry & Wendy Avey for providing our entertainment program. And finally, many, many thanks to Sheila Scott, Judy Leight, & Lee Royer for helping with getting it all together, serving it, & cleaning up afterwards.  I believe it was at the very least one of our most successful luncheons.