All Worship Services, Bible studies, Sunday school has been cancelled at this point through the end of March.  Please pray for our community and our nation.
Hello friend! Welcome to St. Mark's! We're glad you're here!

Now just relax and enjoy this time with God and the folks here at St. Mark's.
If you have any questions, feel free to ask somebody wearing a "St. Mark's nametag"
(you'll see why we're called "Big Steeple, Friendly People!)
Sunday Worship:

 8:15 AM:  Casual style service held in our Chapel.
        Organ, piano, soloists, and other musicians accentuate the Pastor's message.

 9:30 AM:  An informal family-friendly service with contemporary music in our Sanctuary.

        Most music is from what you may hear on contemporary Christian radio stations
        from our Praise Team and even guest musicians and singers.  
        Sunday school is held at 9:30 for all ages.

11:00 AM:  Traditional service: a not-too-formal service in our main sanctuary.

         Music is provided by our chancel choir, handbells, organist, soloists, and other

Note:  During June, July, and August, the 9:30 service moves to 9:45 and the services are held in the Pavilion at Idlewild Park (in case of inclement weather, in the Chapel).

THE NURSERY is located in Room 212 for newborns through 18 months.  Nursery Volunteers are available to watch your children only during our 9:30 service.  The Nursery is available for parents to attend to their child’s needs during the 8:15 & 10:30 combined or 11:00 services throughout the year if needed.   Please see Wendy Avey, Director of Christian Ed if you have any questions. 

What to expect....

Expect Biblically-based messages intended to help you grow deeper and wider in your faith and understanding of the love and life that Jesus Christ wants for all of us. You'll also be challenged to be the heart, hands and feet of Jesus Christ in our community and world.

What about kids?

"Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these." Matthew 19:14(NIV)

We LOVE your kids! Come on In!
Our goal for children is to provide a great environment for their spiritual growth. We adhere to the United Methodist Safe Sanctuaries policy of providing all children and youth with a safe and comfortable experience whenever they are doing anything related to St. Mark's.

Our goal for YOU, as a parent or guardian, is that you feel totally comfortable with your children freely learning and growing in their faith; safe and secure.

You can have them in the worship service with you, allow them to enjoy a Sunday School class (930 only), or if infants,  keep them with you in the service or utilize our Nursery which is staffed by trained volunteers.  (They really enjoy snack time in the Gathering area too!)

How should I dress?

However you're comfortable. We have people come to worship wearing Suits & ties. We have people wearing t-shirts and sandals. We want to focus on God's message; not on what we're wearing.
What if my child or family member has special needs or disabilities? 

We believe that our friends with disabilities and their families are, as God says, "...fearfully and wonderfully made"-Psalm 139:14; they are indispensable to the Body of Christ. To the best of our ability and resources, we welcome,affirm  and assist each person affected by disabilities. We strive to make the church, and its ministries, available and accessible to all people.  We provide handicapped parking spaces, wheel-chair friendly ramps throughout our property, wheelchair spaces in our chapel and sanctuary and an elevator to reach all three levels of the building.  If you'd like assistance beyond that, just ask !

Do I need to put something in the offering plate?

That's between you and God. Please NEVER Feel obligated to put money in the plate. Pray about it and whatever, and however God leads you to contribute, is just fine with us.

We're just really glad you're here!