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Habitat - Choptank Women's Build

Pastor Missy delivers the dedication prayer for the Habitat-Choptank "Women's Build" home in Easton on Saturday.

St. Mark's & Talbot Hospice co-host "The Five Wishes"
An excellent turn-out as St.Mark's and Talbot hospice co-hosted this event. Trained volunteers (including notary services) assisted folks in filling out the documents and provided them with practical tools to be ready for end-of-life care and the administration of their personal wishes.

Click on the TV icon to watch a video of Dr. Jack's talk.
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St. Mark's Walk to Emmaus Fundraiser for the Youth Mission Trip

What a great time!  Sponsorship training, fellowship & an information session for Emmaus followed by some hilarious stories Of 55 years in ministry by Dr. Jack Giguere.  As one person said, "what a great time. Good information, good friends and funny stories. I could have listened to him (Dr. Jack) all day!" And over $750 raised!  Thank you to all that attended and contributed. Event was held on Sunday, March 26, 2017.