Recent Events

5 of St. Marks United Methodist Men worked at Camp Pecometh Saturday. We reconditioned the seats on our Soul Searching Swing, made repairs to the St. Marks cabin, moved 30 benches into place and cut up several trees that were downed due to recent storms. A good day was had by all.
St. Mark's UMM at the dedication of the  25 foot cross placed at Camp Pecometh which took place on Sunday, March 11, 2018.  May the cross be a beacon of hope and love to all that use the camp and conference center.
Rev. Jonathan & Donna Baker have recently returned from the
Democratic Republic of Congo & will be sharing the exciting things
God is doing through the Congo Partnership in our worship services on
April 8th. The Bakers will update us on various Partnership Projects
such as the Cataract Mission, Mpasa new pediatric building &
equipment, Agriculture project, and the digging of six new fresh water
wells in Central Congo. Please join us after the services (about
12:30pm) to hear more in-depth sharing from our Conference missionaries!