Adult Studies: Sunday Mornings & Other Times

  1. Managing Director
We have three Adult Sunday School classes each Sunday morning at 9:30 am.

  • ​Koinonia Class meets in room 155 (across from Fellowship Hall)
  • Pairs & Spares Class meets in the office conference room

  • Wesley-Yater Class meets in the Chapel

 Throughout the year our pastor & lay members conduct various Bible and book studies.

Some may be only a couple of sessions in the evenings to the longer,

multi-year Disciple series, having up to 30 sessions spread over 2 years.

(Generally, studies and Sunday School classes are not held in the 3 summer months). 
Disciple III Remember Who You Are

Organization of a Disciple III: Remember
Who You Are class is under way.  Remember Who You Are
is part three of the four-phase Disciple Bible study.
Disciple III is a 33-week (32 lessons and an orientation)
 in-depth study that spends its first 16 lessons examining the
 Old Testament prophets. The second 16 lessons focus on
the 13 letters generally attributed to Paul. Several themes weave
their way through the study: the call to remember, the call to 
repentance, the need for renewed vision, and the place of
 community. The prophets and Paul are continually calling
 hearers and readers back to their God and to a sense of who
 they are as a people set apart.
 The class is scheduled to begin on September 14 and runs
through May 2018.  Classes will meet on Thursday evenings.
Breaks are scheduled at Thanksgiving, Christmas and New
 Year’s and at Easter.

             Participants can expect to spend 20 to 30 minutes per day
reading the assigned scriptures and study manual materials in
preparation for the weekly 2 to 2 ½ -hour meetings.  They will
need a Bible, a study manual, a writing instrument, and paper
for notes.

             We currently have a core group of individuals working their
way through the Disciple studies.  However, we would encourage
and welcome new classmates.
For contact information please call the church office.  410-822-0001 or email

Fast Track through Disciple 1

Fast Track, part of the Disciple family of Bible studies, provides a great option for busy people (and snow birds!) who seek to gain a better understanding of the Bible and want to GROW as disciples. Fast Track will meet for a total of 24 weeks, 12 weeks in the Fall studying the Old Testament and 12 weeks in the Spring studying the New Testament. This is a great way to get an overall picture of God’s Word for us today and there is no greater investment you can make than growing deeper in God’s wisdom and understanding. You will spend time during the week reading Scripture along with a study manual and then participate in a weekly meeting where we’ll watch a video together and discuss what we’ve learned throughout the week. Our meetings will begin on Tuesday, September 19th from 6:30-8:00 p.m. and will go until early November.

We will take December, January and February off and begin again March-May.  Please sign up in the entry way of the church or email me at I look forward to starting this Fast Track journey with you soon! Invite your spouse, your neighbor, or a friend to join us!